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Reunion Booklet Tips

When the reunion is over it is fun to have a booklet to look back on.  We are giving you a guideline for a really great booklet.  It is recommended to turn your paper sideways and therefore have pages back to front and make a smaller booklet.

Cover page …………

(the following is centered)

Gracie High Class of 1983
       25th Year Reunion

(You might add a picture of the school or some clipart, i.e., fifties car or kids dancing for a 50’s class reunion.)

Page 1……….

“The folks who put this reunion together”:

(list the names of your committee members)

“What we did”

(list the schedule of events that you did)

Page 2……..


(you might use this poem then list the classmates who have passed away):
I cannot think of them as dead
who walk with me no more..
Along the path of life I tread
They have but gone before.

Page 3………

“Looking back at 1983”

(here you might list what was in the news that year, the cost of some groceries, what were the top movies, tv shows and singers, etc)

Page 4………..

Class Trivia”

(This can be the results of information that you got from classmates on your information letter they sent back, i.e.,

__________classmates answered.  We have produced ________children.  We have ___________grandchildren.  ________have been overseas.  __________have retired.  __________has been married the longest with ________years.  _________still live in our hometown. 

(in your invitation letter, if you asked them to tell you what their occupation was or is you can list it like thisJ

City manager….1



Etc, etc

Page 5……..

“Those Who Let Us Know What They Are Doing”

(this will come from the information letters you send out.  Suggested format isJ

Last name, First, Middle (Maiden Name of Female) – address, phone number, married to______for_____years.___Children______grandchildren.  Whether she is retired and what she did.  What she does in her spare time.  Her email address.  Something she remembers fondly from high school.  Plus list any other information they sent.

(Recommended put in alphabetically by last name they had in school)


125 x 125
125 x 125

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