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Information Letter and Reservation Form

GHS Class of  ------(logo if you have one) is having a ________year class reunion and you are invited to attend.  Our agenda for the reunion is as follows:

(list events, places, time and cost if any)

We would like to find out what you have been up to since the last time we saw you so we can share the                              information with your classmates.               Your full name:____________________________________________________________________________________



Your marital status___________Spouse (if one) name:________________________________________________________________

No,. of children______________grandchildren____________________pets you consider kids_________________________

Still working??  ____________.  Doing what?_______________________________________________________________


Retired after how many years??__________________of doing what??__________________________________________

Has something exciting happened to you since the last reunion?  (i.e., new knees, got married again, they are still letting you drive, etc.)__________________________________________________________________________

What do you do in your spare time?________________________________________________________________________________

If you have an email address please list it.  (we promise not to sell it)__________________________________


Cost per person for all events_________
Cost per couple for all events__________

(you will want a cost for the last big event for people who cannot attend the other days or cheaper events)

Cost per person for only final evening event_________

Cost per couple for only final evening event__________

Reservation Form (Due NLT________________________)


(  ) I   or  (  ) we (status of other person so no one will ask if you brought your child with you) will attend the reunion  and I am enclosing the amount of $______________________

(  ) I cannot attend but will send a letter and photo to post so you will know I am still alive and kicking

Make checks/money orders payable to “Class of _____” and mail to Class of ________,

P O Box  ___________  If you have questions email__________ or call_____________ .

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