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Family Reunion Activity Ideas

There are some activities that can involve everyone plus give you something to pass on to all the people who attend and those that could not.

A Family Recipe Book - have people bring their favorite recipe and make a booklet.

Family History Book - have people write down their favorite family story or history event and make a booklet.

Large Family Wall Charts - have people bring photos and put them on a large family tree.

Family Newsletter - A family newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with each other between reunions. It doesn’t have to be a monthly thing. Two or three times a year is plenty to keep everyone in touch. It doesn’t have to be long, and you can ask for a small donation to offset printing and mailing. Ask family members to send you information, and use your own word processor to write the newsletter.
Subjects you might include:

* Spotlight one of the family members
* Print a list of upcoming birthdays and anniversaries.
* Anniversaries of any particular event
* Print new addresses for families that have moved
* Memorial stories on family members who have recently passed away

You might want to get Reunion T-Shirts made up and if you do be sure people send in their sizes and pay with their reservations. You can Google for place that make family reunion t-shirts like :

It would be fun to have a:

Guest Book

Name tags (get people to send in a baby/child picture of themselves, scan them, cut them out and glue to the name tag)

Family Memorabilia
Group Photos

125 x 125
125 x 125

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125 x 125

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