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Family Reunion Game Ideas

The most common family reunion activities are, the games. There is a huge variety of games, from sports (like softball and volleyball), to "kids" games (which are especially fun if the adults join in), to board games. Here are ideas for some games you can use.

Keeping the Kids Busy
Family Talent Show
Sack Race
Three-legged Race
Egg Toss
Tug of War
Red Rover
Musical Chairs
Family Trivia Board games
Scavenger Hunt

You might pick up several games of checkers. Everyone knows how to play this and hold a family tournament. Get prizes for the winning family.

Check out this website where you can download different kinds of family games for free. All you have to do is download and print copies:

Freeware Lane
- We developed the games here for fun. We hope you will have fun using them. Nothing to buy, no obligation - just download and enjoy.
Yes, these games really are free to use with no obligation. Just click on the icons below or the “Download” links to get the installer for the corresponding game. Try them out, have some fun.  

125 x 125
125 x 125

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125 x 125

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