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Build A Website/Blog For Your School Reunion

1. Find someone who will build you a website or someone who is computer literate who can build you one on a free site. You might want to build a blog so that classmates can comment via the site.

2. Have someone take care of the site who can update it and maintain it as you go along.

3. On your home page you may want a picture of your school, the cost and itinerary, links to alumni association, names and phone numbers of contact people.

Link to the following pages:

- past reunion photos,

- missing individuals,

- a memorial page to those who have passed on,

- registration page that they can print out or fill in and email to you,

- page on classmate photos as they are sent in,

- updates and changes to the reunion,

- list of those attending and information they want listed,

- reunion comments after its over,

- pictures of the school tour,

- pictures taken at the reunion.

4. You should be able to do a search for a class reunion website to get some examples.

5. DO NOT assume everyone knows how to use or has a computer. They don't so you will have to do some stuff by snail mail.

6. Be aware of privacy and don't list addresses, phone numbers or emails without permission. One idea is keep a copy of your reunion booklet in Word so you can email the whole booklet to people who did not attend or didn't get one. You don't want to put this on the internet due to privacy issues.

7. Due to the cost of putting pictures in your booklet, usually the website is the only place you can post pictures so be sure who maintains it can scan photos in.

8. Websites and blogs are really appreciated by classmates/family.

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